These are what my wife and I put Dina through when we bought a house with her:

Emailed her with questions at 11 pm (regularly) and got responses back before we woke up the next morning.

Decided to make an offer on a house at 8 pm on Easter Sunday. She spent three hours on the phone with us drafting an offer to make before I left town for work the next day.

We left for a week on our honeymoon, leaving Dina in charge of pest inspections and fixing a termite problem.

She never complained, and in fact saved us thousands of dollars when she noticed a issue while reading documents at the closing.

Seriously – if you need a realtor, use Dina. I can’t recommend her enough. She’ll handle every problem you throw at her, she’ll watch your back, and she’ll get you a great deal on a great house.

Jun ’11 via Yelp