I describe below, in detail, my experience with Dina Paxenos re the characteristics of:

Real estate knowledge and skills:
- From first signing on, Dina has been completely and strategically engrossed in positioning my condo to sell.
-She was able to prepare a targeted postcard mailingto my neighbors, and place my property on a list for access by the 10 percent most active realtors.
- With hands-on skills, she personally staged my place with her colleague , while I was out of town.
-She devised a marketing plan that gave us feedback at each juncture, while keeping us in control.

Business style and effectiveness:
-Dina has great appreciation for the design of the property, but also a practical awareness as to what can be accomplished in the market.
-She has a remarkable understanding of the competition and we have used that to position ourselves realistically.
-Dina always respected the professional principle of allowing the client to make every possible decision. Consequently, we have communicated on each variation in presentation, strategy and pricing.
-At the same time, she stays on schedule. Within, 2 and 1/2 weeks of signing with Dina, her contractors had completed the painting/polishing of all the surfaces in my place. We finalized a 25-plus checklist and had our first “Open”.
-Then, as a direct result of Dina’s positioning , we had a ratified contract after only 21 additional days, with no subsidies included, on my, the seller’s, part.
-Others have even commented how lucky I am to have a realtor who communicates with me so regularly. In closing, my remarks come after spending three years on my condo board and now 25 years watching closely the changes in a 54 unit, almost-historic condo complex. During this time, I interviewed easily one agent each season, resulting in say, over thirty, agent conversations. Thanks for this opportunity to share.

Jul ’16 via Zillow